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Future direction

Carnivale / Sep 06, 2014
So we're debating the course our guild will take from this point forward.

Merging into another guild on our current server?

Waiting for Megaserver?

Using free transfer off to a different server and trying recruitment?

As above except merging/joining a different guild?


There supposed to be a meeting about this at some point?
Tonight at 6pm PST.
I'll be there
Terrific! If you guys are on beforehand spread the word/make sure people know!
So whats the call?
Didn't get a full answer yet but looking like moving to Avatus and merging into another guild is the most agreed upon option.

If anyone wants to organize talks tonight with the other potential guilds (Aside from the one we talked to with Saturnx) I'll post all the names/messages I got.

I have some more terrible family things this week to deal with so I likely won't be back on Wildstar until Friday.
Sounds good.

I assume we're still on track to raid with EH in the meantime though.
I hope so too!


You guys are totally welcome to continue running with us if you'd like, I would just like to have the guilds move together. If you think Avatus is the way to go though I don't blame ya. Best of luck!
We still love you Vit.
We still haven't fully come to a decision from my impression. But I've had a lot on my mind this week. In a nutshell: grandpa dying and I have to go to the attorney today to finalize the last inheritance stuff from my mother and see the piece of shit person formerly known as my younger brother.