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Seraphym / Sep 04, 2014
Hey folks!

Let me just start this off by saying you all have been wonderful these past few months. Unfortunately, with the way that everything in my life is as of right now, I am going to be taking a hiatus, possibly a permanent one, from WildStar.

You all have made my time and experience on the game wonderful and worth the stress of being a GM. I'm sad that it has to be cut short but I've been mulling it over for a while now and believe that this is the best possible choice for me right now. I will be passing ownership of the guild over to Eurynomous later this evening and he will take it from here.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and good luck with your time in WildStar. Feel free to add me on Steam or League if you still want to keep in touch. IGN is Kuaro for both. I'll still be on those every now and again.

Seraphym / Aug 24, 2014
Hey folks!

Just a quick note. Thank you to everyone for putting so much effort into these attunements. I know it's been frustrating with people randomly dropping off the face of the planet *coughSlyneWildcough* but you guys have been giving it a lot of effort with very little payoff.

It's time for the payoff! I spoke with the GM of Beyond Event Horizon proposing a merger and they accepted since they are also having issues filling their raids. So what this means for us right now is a proposed 1/2 EH 1/2 Asterix raid (or however members we need from each guild depending on who shows up) this Thursday, 8-28 at 6pm pst. This will be a trial run to see how things will work out in the future and to get more of our guildies into the raid content and check things out. This weekend will be a bit dead with the majority of the officer core and myself at PAX, but EH will still be running so we'll get you guys in touch with them to make sure you can keep running.

Since there will be so many people interested in the raids, we're also proposing possibly extending the number of raid days to tues/wed/thurs and then sunday. You aren't required to go to every day, but this will also enable more people to be able to make it into raids that other people might not be able to go to.

After this Thursday run, the runs will become a regular thing starting the first week of September, probably on Tuesday.

So there you have it. Thank you for being so patient with us and sticking around. I'll have the events posted on the calendar and as events for everyone to sign up for. As per usual with any raid, if you don't make it in, be on standby for replacements or if people don't show.


Seraphym / Aug 18, 2014
Hey folks!

So we're getting close to the wire here. Most guild groups have finished their attunements but there are still a few of you that still need some silvers. Because of this, I'm going to be putting a time limit on your attunements. Please have them done by the end of this week. It's very simple to do, just log in and ask the guild to help you. Everyone is willing to run you through your attunements because everyone wants to raid. Please do not hold the rest of the group back because you don't feel like doing your attunements. We all went through the effort of doing it, you can too.

TLDR: Log on when you can this week and get your attunements done. Specifically, we'll have helpful groups going tomorrow and Wednesday.

Here's the current progress of the guild:

Seraphym: Complete
Eury: Complete
Krystia: Complete
Rack: Complete
Veldred: Optional
Guthouse: Complete
Skiddles: Complete
Manse: Complete
Meno: Complete
K: Complete
Ahroo: Complete
Remorse: World Bosses
Wild: World Bosses
Waffle: Complete
Irailla: Need SC and SSM
Iver: Need SSM
Vipro: Need all silvers
Mandela: Need SC and SSM
Alondra: Need all silvers
Swag: need all silvers
Squirrel: World Bosses
Caore: Need all
Majin: Need SC and SSM?
Noss: Need SC and SSM
Stuby: Need all silvers
Stryker: Need SSM
Gryph: Need SSM I think?
Dark: Need SSM
Rulin: ?? Need all?
Cosmo: Need SSM, SC

Get on it.

Seraphym / Jun 25, 2014

This link will be your savior. Watch these, read these, learn these, love these. These are guides on how to get silvers in each of the dungeons. If you have not gotten silver in a dungeon and have not done it enough times to have the dungeon memorized, WATCH THESE. It is YOUR responsibility to know the fights when you go into dungeons, not the responsibility of your guild members who have put in the effort to figure things out for themselves. Although we're still getting silvers at a decent rate, things are slower than they should be because members are not taking it upon themselves to figure things out and just waiting to be told how to do encounters once they enter the dungeon. I am also guilty of this. Do not do this anymore.

Watch the videos and learn the fights. Don't make it another person's responsibility to make sure you're up to date.

---I'm not accusing anyone of anything, so don't think that this is pointed at any one person. This is just a general note so people can start learning fights prior to going into the dungeons. People want to raid soon, so let's start moving towards it.


People haven't been showing up for their agreed dungeon times. If you cannot make it to your dungeon runs, please at least have the courtesy to message your group on the forums or leave a note in the shoutbox. I understand that sometimes you are unable to do this because you're too busy, but I'm going to be replacing people that regularly have not been showing up to dungeon runs and haven't been letting their groups know. You'll still be able to run dungeons, obviously, but it'll be your responsibility to set something up.

Group 1:
Tank - NoRemorse
Healer - Irailla
Dps 1 - Stryker
Dps 2 - Noss
Dps 3 - Wild

Group 1 is established. No more changes here.

Group 2:
Tank - Gryph
Healer - Iver
Dps 1 - Rulin
Dps 2 - Skiddles
Dps 3 - Eurynomous

Group 2 is established. No more changes here.

Group 3:
Tank - Stuby
Healer - Majin
Dps 1 - Krystia
Dps 2 - Initialrhino
Dps 3 - Cosmo

NOTE: Group 3 is established.

Group 4:
Tank - Veldred
Healer - Vipro
Dps 1 -DarkSpells
Dps 2 - SquirrelockHolmes
Dps 3- DetectiveWaffleton

Group 4 is established.

Group 5:
Tank - SacLunch
Healer - Rack
Dps 1 - Naughtengton
Dps 2 - Upgrayyed
Dps 3 - Slyne

Sac, Dis, and Upgrayyed. Need to know what's up with you guys. Slyne and Rack are always on but I haven't heard anything about you guys running together. Let me know what's going on or I'm going to be making some changes.

Group 6:
Tank - Manse
Healer - Menoske
Dps 1 - Seraphym
Dps 2 - LogiTek -Need to replace
Dps 3 - Kirien

Group 6 is established.

Group 7:
Tank - Swagbringer
Healer - Alondra
Dps 1 -
Dps 2 - Ahroo
Dps 3 - TheGov

Group 7: Threw something together here. I know there are two SS in here but honestly, we have a ton of SS so we'll just have to deal until I figure something else out.

Group 8:
Tank -
Healer -
Dps 1 -
Dps 2 -
Dps 3 -

Still run dungeons, folks. Even if your groups aren't on, set up runs with members in the guild that are online so we can get these attunements done. Players like Kevasti and Stryker are always willing to do Vet Dungeons. There's no lack of people.

Extras at this moment:
Vael, ManlyDrakks, Kevasti, Disgustache

NOTE: Just because I put you down as an extra does not mean that you will not have a group or you aren't good enough! I'm just making a note for who to put in next since we currently have a surplus of healers!

NOTE TWO: I made some adjustments to groups so I could spread out the medics

I'm going to give you some helpful tips and advice so you can start progressing easily through your dungeons.

Tip 1: Learn the dungeons before trying to get silver. Seriously. The group I run with know the place near perfect and we still mess up our silver runs.

Tip 2: EVERYONE should run an interrupt, and dps should run at least two. Seriously, interrupt is the number one most important ability in the game. Remove your dps abilities and bring interrupts. Be sure to pick a rotation so everyone has them off of cd for important abilities. have I mentioned interrupts enough, yet?

Tip 3: I'll be writing up dungeon strategies as we go through and learn the fights. If you want to learn them on your own, awesome. If you don't want to go in quite as blind or just have questions about some mechanics, read up on them as you go through the dungeons. This will cut your learning time down, but obviously application will always be different than what you read.

Tip 4: DO THE DUNGEONS REGULARLY. Even if your team isn't online, do it. Group up with a few people and pug, or put a makeshift group together at a different time. The more you do it, the better you'll get at aiming for those silver runs.

And finally, Tip 5/Public server announcement: Dungeons are not something you can just hop into and expect to be easy. They are also not something that you can be carried through. If you think they aren't any different than adventures, you're in for a rude awakening. Take each run seriously. I don't mean yell at each other or don't have fun, but please don't hinder your group because "oops, I just don't really care that much." Dungeons take time, and it's frustrating when someone isn't taking it as seriously as you are and is screwing up the entire run for you.

That leads into a PS. Be kind to each other during these runs. Trust me, they get really frustrating really fast. The last thing anyone needs is to be yelled at when they mess up a mechanic a few times. The bosses in these dungeons are very unforgiving. Red isn't something you can walk through and expect to be ok afterwards. These are all things that people who are playing this game do realize. Offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, try to help them understand a mechanic they just aren't getting or offer ways for them to avoid something. If I hear anyone complaining at each other in non-constructive ways because one person feels like they're a much better player than the other, I will not be happy. I don't like elitist bullshit. Do not bring down the wrath of a 5 foot tall GM on you.

If there are any problems or if anyone has an concerns with this new system, please let me know.

Seraphym / Jun 11, 2014
Hey folks!

Everyone is doing fantastic at rushing to level 50 (we already have at least 20). So what's the next step? Attunement! If you aren't too sure where to start, Glorithan posted up a fantastic guide that will help you through the extremely long, and sometimes painful, process of attunement. Be sure to check that out or ask in guild chat if you aren't sure what steps to take next.

Also, be sure to always ask in guild chat if anyone is interested in running vet adventures or dungeons with you. That way you can get to know each other, help out other guildies through the process of attunement, and frankly, avoid the sporadic skill levels of pugs. Besides, we're way cooler ;)

Finally, be sure to be doing your dailies as well as maxing out your elder gems each week for your attunement key and for gear that will ease the overall grind.

Remember! The sooner people get attuned, the sooner we can slam our heads against the progression wall!

Seraphym / May 28, 2014
Hey folks!

More server information for you all! Also a note. Only about five of you have sent me your names so we're gonna do this a new way. My name in the game is Seraphym. Once the game is released, add me as a friend and I will invite you to the guild once it's established. Again, once the game is release, add me as a friend: Seraphym. I will invite you to the guild. It's a bit easier for everyone to add one person VS the one person seeking out everyone else.

The officers have decided on a server! Exciting, right? Asterix will be ooooonnn:

Caretaker! Ta dah!

So be sure to make your main that will be in the game on Caretaker.

Also, be sure to add SERAPHYM to your friends list once the game takes off. That's how you're going to get into the guild, champs.